Types of Wagers

  Welcome to the great section on the different types of wagers. Here, you will be able to learn about all of the different types of wagers and bets that are available to you on any of your favorite sportsbooks. This is a great section for those new and inexperienced bettors, as we will tell you all about the different types of wagers there are. For those more advanced bettors, we have a great section on different strategies and systems that you can use to place more successful bets on the Money Line, Point Spread, or Total Points. Check them each out, and learn better ways to bet on your favorite sports.   Straight Wagers Sports enthusiasts and bettors will be able to learn the basics about the main types of Straight Wagers that are available to them on the ssportsbook of their choice. We cover the Money Line, Point Spread, and Total Points wagers with explanations of each.   Special Wagers Sports bettors will be able to better understand the different Special types of wagers there are available at their favorite sportsbooks. They will also learn how each of the special bets is used and the details of how they work.   Betting the Money Line Sports bettors will learn about different methods and strategies on how to bet on the Money Line. These strategies can be used for any team sports, so get to know and understand these strategies, as they could help you a lot.   Betting the Spread Sports bettors will learn the different aspects of the Point Spread, as well as different strategies and systems that they can use to improve their bets. You will learn about middling a bet, as well as a helpful point system.   Betting on Total Points Sports bettors and enthusiasts will get some great insight into betting on the Total Points wager. You will learn a basic strategy involving the point values, as well as a more advanced betting system that is used to calculate the potential average total points.   We hope that you could find all that you needed to find regarding the different types of wagers that you can find on any online sportsbook. Don’t forget about the different strategies that you have learned here regarding the different straight wagers that are part of the betting lines of any of the many sports matches and tournaments. Keep looking around and see what other great strategies or helpful information you can use to your advantage.