Straight Bets

Straight bets are what sportsbooks were created from seeing as how they are the easiest and most simple type, and it allows the bettor to use their knowledge and basic strategy. These bets are the most used by everyone, whether they are beginners or sports experts that already have a lot of experience. Placing a straight bet is an easy way to figure out exactly which team or player will simply outright win the match.

Being so easy and straightforward will make it simple in terms of predicting the outcomes, which can be done with handicapping. There are so many different information sources that are openly available like the NFL stats that sportsbooks use to make their own lines and odds. Using all of this available information any sportsbook bettor can start learning and using their basic strategy.

Using the Straight Bet

The way the straight bet is used is very easy as you simply predict which team or player will win the sports match, outright. The main idea is to bet on which ever option you think or predict will beat their opponent, quite easy. There will obviously be a favorite and underdog meaning the odds are more in favor of one option than the other, and you must decipher which will actually win.

You will only see numeric odds, quite different than what you would see in the other types of bets that can be found on the betting lines. What you would see is the combination of the betting odds as well as the odds that each team has of winning. You would obviously have to take into account the difference between favorite and underdog odds.

An Example of a Straight Bet

Placing action on the straight bet will let you predict and pick the team or player that will win the sports match. If you were to place a bet on the current NFL season, you would see the odds as:

  • Green Bay Packers: +205
  • Seattle Seahawks: -245

Placing the bet on the Packers (+205) would mean you placed it on the underdog to win; placing a $100 bet you would profit $205 if they win. Placing the bet on the Seahawks (-245) would mean you placed it on the favorite to win; placing a $245 bet you would profit $100 if they win.

Betting online using the straight bet would allow you to take advantage of everything the online sportsbooks have to offer; you can use their odds, or any of the other stats and information that can be found anywhere on the internet that even sportsbooks use to create their lines.

When to Use the Straight Bet

The straight bet is the most basic of bets and should be used as such. This is a great bet for any beginners who want to start testing their basic strategy and predicting the outcomes of any sport they watch, and would need to decide which has the best chances of winning. The more experienced bettors also view this is a regular bet to make, although they may use it as a secondary bet against the other sportsbook wagers that are available; as most of the time the payout odds are not as juicy as the others.

Using your basic strategy would be needed to bet on the straight lines at whichever sportsbook, and will depend strongly on the information. The most common information, used for handicapping, can be found anywhere. Straight bets will use the most basic information in order to make the accurate predictions that are needed in order to get some profit.