Arbitrage Sports Betting System

Arbitrage split bettingThe Arbitrage System is also known as middling and is used quite often at sportsbooks, as it has some very good advantages to it being used. It is still a simple system to use, although the potential profits will remain low just like the Martingale system; however, it does not require a large or unlimited bankroll to be used effectively.

With the Arbitrage System, you would need two or more sportsbooks. The bettor needs to have access to different odds, but for the same sports match. Having the two different odds for the same sporting event would look like this:

NFL Match: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Redskins Total Bet: $412.3
Bet #1 Bet #2 Profit
Bet on Jacksonville Jaguars Sportsbook: Bovada Odds: 3.20 Bet: $150 Winnings: $480 Bet on Washington Redskins Sportsbook: TopBet Odds: 1.83 Bet: $262.3 Winnings: $480 $67.7 (14.1% profit)

Clearly, higher odds – 2.20 (+120) and above – are great for the bettor, while finding low odds will be good for betting the favorite. As odds are posted, make sure to check them all, so that you know which the best are.

It doesn’t really get much more complicated than this. You will have to find two great odds from the sports match at different sportsbooks. This won’t take you too long, as there are relatively few internet sports betting sites. The reason you need two different books to use the Arbitrage System is because you may find better favorite or underdog odds at one, while the other odds are better at a different one. You should try and always wager the specific amount of money that will get you the same winnings for both bets, as that will maximize profits.

When just starting to use this sportsbook betting system you’ll probably want to place small bets at first. This will help you being to understand the system, as well as get used to finding the best odds. Many other people may recommend different methods of using this system, like increasing your bets, using more money on each wager, or simply using the same site to place both bets. However, you should figure out the best way for you to place the bets and win money, not based on others experiences. Even when the promise of big returns is there.

One of the advantages of using the Arbitrage System is that is completely eliminates the risk involved when using strategies to predict the outcome of any sporting event available, unlike the Martingale. You will need to be very disciplined with the way you place your bets and be sure to not use more than what you budgeted. With no risk involved when using this method, the profits may not be as big (it depends on your bankroll and how much you place on each bet), but you will be able to get profit more often. Using the Arbitrary System often will allow you to make multiple small profits over a period of time.