Martingale Sports Betting System

Double increase bettingFor those that are curious about learning betting systems, but don’t want to start with the more complicated systems at first, the Martingale System is a good place to start. It’s actually a great way for any kind of bettor, regardless of what sport or even casino game they are betting on, as it is simple enough to use at any sportsbook that you are a member of. The greatest advantage that it has is how easy it is to understand and implement compared to other betting systems, as it won’t require much thinking or calculating as you place your bets.

Most of the differences are quite small, but you will still need to know the sportsbook rules that you may run into. Most importantly, not understanding may cause you to make a mistake that could lead to losing money on any sporting event. Here are some of the general sportsbook rules, as well as slight differences you may encounter.

The Martingale System got its name from France in the 1800’s when betting was rampant. All it uses it the initial amount of money that the bettor uses to place their bets with, keeping it simple. It works by doubling the amount bet by the bettor, every time they lose a bet. This means that the bettor will double their bet each time they lose a bet at the sportsbook, but will be the same amount as their first bet when they win.

In other words, if you place a $5 bet on the first bet, but you lose that bet, you would place a $10 bet on the next one. The bettor will continue doubling their bet, $5, $10, $20, $40, $80, and so on until they win and will start from the beginning all over again. This will allow you to end up with a positive profit, although there is a need for a large enough bankroll by the bettor in order for this to work effectively.

Keep this in mind, as the system is not for those that have a limited bankroll or are trying to win big with just a few bets, the Martingale System is simply not for you. There are times when the betting system is more advantageous to be used, you should use the Martingale System for short to medium term profits, since if you go long term it may wipe out your bankroll.

There are certain types of bets that are also more advantageous to use this on, for example, the prop bets or live betting, since they have instant or almost instant returns. This will also help seeing as the minimum bet is lower. It will improve your chances of making your money back, along with a slight profit, before you run out of money.

Reverse Martingale System

There is another system that makes use of the general theory, which can also be used by the bettors. The Reverse Martingale is the opposite of its sister, as it uses the theory that losses should not be rewarded. This means that you would increase your bet by double only after winning, and you would actually lower the bet after a loss. The thinking behind this is that a “winning streak” is easier to continue riding, while betting on losses will only hurt your bankroll. It is up to each individual person to decide which system they want to start with; as these should only be used as a stepping stone to other more complex systems.