The Paroli Betting System

Paroli increase bettingAs you use betting systems, it can start to feel easier as you use the different systems that have similarities between them, making it simple for you to understand. The betting method, the Paroli System, was developed in order to counter the other betting systems in order to allow a bettor to take advantage of their winning streaks, and limiting their losses. This method can be used by any sports bettors, as it is quite easy to understand and learn.

What’s better, this specific sportsbook betting system does not require you to have a large sportsbook bankroll, which would be something necessary to have if using any of the other different betting systems. However, using this system exclusively to bet at sportsbooks may not be as advantageous as you would think.

How it Works

As stated above, the Paroli System of sports betting involves taking advantage of the persons winning streak for as long as possible, all while maximizing the profits. It can be viewed as the following:

Bet: $10 $20 $10
Outcome: Win Win Loss
Increase/Decrease: Starting point Increase Decrease

This way, you are basically using the money profited from winning the bet, the Paroli System tries to make it so that any losses that occur are inconsequential as it isn’t your personal money you are losing.

In order to make the most of the Paroli System, bettors need to try and get 3 consecutive wins, doubling their wager each time. To begin this process, you would place a single digit wager, and when the bet wins, you double it. However, if the bet losses, you stay at the single digit wager or go back down to it.

The possible outcomes from using the 3-bet method Paroli System are:

Bet #1 Bet #2 Bet #3 Net Outcome
-1 Loss -1 Loss -1 Loss -3
-1 Loss -1 Loss +1 Win -1
-1 Loss +1 Win -2 Loss -2
-1 Loss +1 Win +2 Win +2
+1 Win -2 Loss -1 Loss -2
+1 Win -2 Loss +1 Win 0
+1 Win +2 Win -4 Loss -1
+1 Win +2 Win +4 Win +7

When you see that the third bet ends in a win, it is possible to continue with the streak. This makes it possible to go beyond just 3 bets; it is mostly a guide for bettors to use as they start using the system to place their bets. Looking at the outcome process table, you can see why sportsbooks bettors may want to use this system jointly with others. After 8 bets, you would have an even net outcome (0), if the bets were to follow that exactly, which we all know is not probable. So remember to use this system at your own discretion, as well as combined with others.