Reverse Line Movement System

reverse buttonThe Reverse Line Movement System uses the actual betting lines that are found at online sportsbooks. These betting lines move, not physically, but rather they shift one way or another depending on different circumstances. We will use these movements in order to place a wager on the lines that offer the best chances of winning. This system does not use complicated formulas, since everything we need we can tell from the sportsbooks.

How Reverse Line Movement Works

Reverse Line Movement (RLM) occurs when the sportsbooks shift the lines in the opposite direction that the overall betting trend is following. When the majority of people are betting on one line, sportsbooks usually move the line up, as to compensate for the influx of money and to make the opposing line more appealing. When the reverse of this happens, where the sportsbook actually make the majority wager more appealing is when it becomes a Reverse Line Movement. This happens thanks to the Sharp bettors. There are two basic types of bettors:

  • Sharp Bettors: are the minority of people that have placed their bets on the least popular outcome of the two wagers.
  • Square Bettors: are the majority that have placed their bets on the most popular outcome of the two wagers.


The Indianapolis Colts are -9 against the New England Patriots. With the majority betting on the Colts, as they are the obvious favorite, you would expect the sportsbooks to move the -9 to -10 or -11, to balance the odds. However, they actually move the line from -9 to -8, as the sharp bettors have placed action on the Patriots. This becomes the RLM, as the New England Patriots get better odds at +8. You would then place your bet on the Patriots.

moving the lines

Using RLM To Bet

You know what it is and how it works, now all you need to do is learn how to use it to your advantage to place your bets. It will take patience and knowing when there is a line movement, so you will need to check up on the sportsbook. A few suggestions as you use RLM:

  1. Follow the lines.
  2. Wait until there is a RLM of 1 point (10 cents if it is MLB or NHL).
  3. Place your bet as soon as there is movement.
  4. It is best to use a slow moving, yet reliable sportsbook.


There are a few precautions that bettors need to take into account when using the RLM system.

Not 100% Accurate

The Sharps do not always win, so do not assume that the Reverse Line Movement System is 100% accurate. However, they are right more often than not, so you can still make a steady profit by using this system.

Betting Too Late

There are some bettors that watch the line right up until the sports game is about to begin. This may work, but it is very risky, since by the time they are ready to place the bet, the unpopular side may have lost all of its value.

Don’t Second Guess

Even if you place a RLM bet as soon as the line moves, there is a small chance that the line will shift back again. Do not worry, as this will probably happen a few times, but it won’t affect your overall winnings.