Wager Types – Futures Bets

Futures are those sportsbook bets which are based on the future outcome of a particular sporting event or tournament, which makes a bettor change their basic strategy. The main reason is because you are betting on certain outcomes that are quite obviously difficult to predict and can change as the sports season is played. Learning to bet futures should be fun for a bettor, as it will be long term and won’t really show profit immediately.

You can learn strategy methods for futures betting online, since there is not just one correct and accurate prediction. This may be new for you if your research was limited to regular sportsbooks bets like the straight bets that can be found on the lines. Although these are important to know and learn and can help new bettors start their sportsbooks careers, these are the bets covered by basic sportsbooks strategy.

Betting on Futures Bets

The only way to win when betting on futures is for the outcome to get realized, since there are other options that could win. When you bet on average odds and the other options are not as good, basic strategy would advise you to bet. You would do the same for other futures betting if your odds were average, or above average, but never when the odds are low.

If you see low odds, that would mean the team or player is viewed as bar or sub-par in comparison, so their chances of winning are small, even in the long term. Thus, you can start eliminating those teams with the very low chances of winning; with fewer options in the mix means you have higher odds of a win. Hence, if you see bad odds at the sportsbook, you should bet on futures that have much better chances of victory.

When to Place a Futures Bet

Futures bets work better when combined with other strategies. When you are betting on specific futures odds, before the odds change, the team and player stats are the most updated as possible, taking into account all information, and when all bets are final. These are quite particular conditions, in which you change strategy, but if you’ve bet at sportsbooks you know that these circumstances in sports are actually very common.

Online sites running ASI and Bodog software all have futures bets so each online sportsbooks will have them available for you, along with odds that will be different allowing you to use sportsbooks strategies in order to take advantage everything the sportsbook offers.

Basic Strategy and Futures Betting Strategy

Basic strategy is critical when betting at sportsbooks, but it only uses basic information concerning the sporting events. The strategy can change as each sports match has been played and the stats update. Futures betting strategy is a variant of basic strategy which takes into account the information that is important when predicting future outcome and not only short term.

Different Odds in Futures Betting Strategy

The edge of futures betting strategy is a little higher than basic strategy, even when used most effectively. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to use it. In gambling, a small edge anywhere can surely be the difference between winning money and losing it. Long time use has shown that futures betting strategies increases the chances of winning over simply using the basic strategy when at the sportsbooks futures.

The basis futures betting strategy works better at futures than basic strategy is plain to see – the odds and information needed to predict the outcome are different than regular bets. The sportsbooks lines have different odds and specifications that affect the way you bet, which why it is good to know and understand the different strategy.