Live Betting Sportsbooks

Wanting to bet Online Sportsbooks using live betting?

live betting sportsbooksAt we have selected the best online sportsbooks for live betting on sports. In addition, we have chosen sportsbooks that offer a great experience and have an excellent track record. Online sportsbooks are similar to Las Vegas casinos where you can find numerous football bets as well as other sports including basketball, baseball, soccer and more!

All the sportsbooks we recommend are safe, secure and offer great bonuses. We take pride in our sportsbook recommendations and constantly monitor them to make sure they are offering an excellent bettor experience.

Editor’s Picks for Best Online Sportsbooks in 2014


Advantages of Live Betting

When using the Live Betting feature at any sportsbook, you will be given many different advantages over regular betting. Some of these will be available at every sportsbook, however, there are other perks that may not be present at certain sites. All of them will enable sports fans to get the most out of their experience, and help them place stronger bets.

Live Games

The main advantage is that you get to watch the sports match live, as it is occurring in the real world. Not only will you get updates every few seconds or minutes on the most important plays of each sport, but you will also have the advantage of betting in real time as well. No need to think ahead, as you will have multiple options for betting as the game is still being played.

Prop Bets

One advantage is that there is a larger variety of prop bets. These include individual player performances, where you can place a bet on the actual players that are participating as the game unfolds.

Real Time Odds

You will get the latest odds, down to the minute, so that you can place some of those great Prop bets that will help fill your pockets some more. This will also help if you are paying attention to the lines, as they will shift much faster.