What is the Point Spread?

The point spread is a sportsbook regular bet that is dependent on the scores that each team has at the end of the match, and it requires that the bettor use different betting systems. This is the most popular and most used type of wager that can be found on the line, as it adds something extra in order to win. Using the point spread bet is a great way for any sports bettors to get better at handicapping and more accurately predicting outcomes.

There are different ways you can view this bet based on the different payouts, as well as using the different odds. You may be able to find out a lot more specific information as well as insight from other sources on sportsbooks betting on the lines. Although there are tons of other great sources for useful information for sportsbook bettors on this matter, this is a great way to learn and understand the basics.

Using the Point Spread Bet

The methods of using this bet are quite simple to understand, as you must predict the score difference at the end of a match. This basically means that if the odds are -6, that means you are betting on the favorite to win by more than 6 points. With odds that are +6 it would mean the underdog team would need to 1) out right win, or 2) lose by a margin of 6 or less points in order to win.

There will be times when the odds will be different, having a .5 in the number which could completely change the way you predict the outcome. The .5 simply makes it easier to bet, since there are no half points in sports matches, it would mean that the final score difference can be equal to or greater (or less) depending on who you bet on. This is more beneficial for the underdog teams seeing as how they get an extra point in their favor.

An Example of a Point Spread Bet

Using the point spread bet, you will need to pick the team that you believe will be able to “cover the spread”, as in beat the odds. Say you are going to be wagering on a NFL match during the regular season:

  • St. Louis Rams: +8.5 -110
  • New England Patriots -8.5 -110

You can either place a wager on the Rams to cover the spread; meaning they will either win the match or will lose by 8 points or less. Or you can place the bet on the Patriots to win the match by 9 points or more. If the final score is 42-33 in favor of the Patriots, they have covered the spread since they won by 9 points, and the sportsbook will promptly pay you.

Online betting has its advantages when using the point spread that every online sportsbook offers among the many other types of wagers listed on their lines, which you can use the sportsbooks strategies in order to predict the various outcomes the sportsbooks offer.

When to Use a Point Spread Bet

Point spread betting depends entirely on the predicted outcome. You would bet on the favorite, if after your prediction you saw they had the best odds of not only winning, but clearing the spread, and would bet on the underdog is you predicted that they could either win the game or beat the spread. These are very specific conditions in order to use strategy, but if you are a seasoned bettor on sportsbooks you should understand what you need to look for in order to make these predictions.

Basic strategy is important in order to understand the sportsbooks lines and odds, but will differ greatly depending on the wager. Your strategy will change when trying to predict point spread instead of a straight bet. Point spread bets will challenge your knowledge of the sport, so place the bet anytime you feel confident; any other time, you can try to middle your bet.