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lines and oddsAt we have a great selection of the best online lines and odds used to bet on all sports. We use the latest Las Vegas odds that are kept up to date and found throughout different sportsbooks. These lines and odds are perfect for betting on any of the different popular sportsbook events like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many other international sports as well!

All of the lines and odds used here are exactly what you would find elsewhere. We take pleasure in our lines and odds and always keep track making sure they are the latest and accurate for all bettors enjoyment.


Types of Odds

When you are at any of your favorite online sportsbooks, you will encounter several types of lines and odds. There are three general types of odds that you will find: American, Fraction, and Decimal. Each serves the same purpose of telling the bettor the chances a team has of winning or losing, or beating the spread, and any other wager there is.

American Odds

American oddsAmerican odds, also known as Moneyline odds, are one of the most commonly used type of odds when betting on US friendly sportsbooks. These types of odds are the chances of a straight-up outcome, and are usually split into three groups: negative, positive, and even odds.

  • Positive Figures: if the figure is positive, this means the odds represent how much money will be won on a $100 bet; it is attributed to the game Underdog.
  • Negative Figures: if the figure is negative, this means a person will win $100 by betting the amount the odds represent; it is attributed to the game Favorite.
  • Even Odds: when the odds are even, sportsbooks will show them as +100 or -100; it all depends on the sportsbook preferences.

Fraction Odds

fraction oddsThe Fraction odds are favored by most sportsbooks that cater to bettors outside of the United States, like in England or Ireland. These odds are represented by a fraction, simple as that. There are several ways of interpreting these odds:

  • Reading the Odds: a fraction is read from left to right. For example, 4/1 is read Four To One, which means a team has low odds of winning (similar to the positive figures). On the other hand, 3/5 is read Three To Five, which means a team has better odds of winning (similar to the negative figures).
  • Even Odds: even odds are represented simply by a 1, as even odds are 1/1 or One To One; you may sometimes encounter sportsbooks that simply put “Even” on the line.

Decimal Odds

decimal oddsThe last of the three types of odds, the decimal odds are just as simple to use and understand as the other two. For those that want to calculate potential winnings based off of amount other than $100, can multiply the decimal number by the amount they want to wager. Checking to see which team or player is the Underdog (highest) or the Favorite (lowest) is just as easy as looking at the odds. These are most common throughout Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Decimal Example

The favorite is given odds of 1.35, and you want to figure out your potential winnings on a $80 bet. Simply multiply 1.35 x $85 = $108, and then subtract the initial $80; leaving $28 of profit.

The underdog is given odds of 3.50, and you want to calculate your potential winnings on a $35 bet. Simply multiply 3.50 x $35 = $122.5, and then subtract the initial $35; leaving $87.5 of profit.

These are the three types of odds you will encounter at the different online sportsbooks.