Are Betting Systems Illegal?

systems legalBetting systems take full advantage of the fact that there are no laws in America regulating the use of betting systems as a strategy for profiting at sportsbooks. Nonetheless betting systems are quite common and casinos don’t even frown upon people who use betting systems. Since sportsbooks are private, the operators running the sportsbooks and the management want to make it a much friendlier experience for their members.

Also, it would seem that betting systems are not considered a cheating device as viewed by most. Many that use betting systems view the use and implementation on them like this: there is no sure way to 100% predict the outcome of any sporting event that is available at the sportsbooks, so there is no law being broken, since they do no employ fraud or any other illegal tool to win.

There are differences between a betting system and other illegal measures that have been used in the past. The main difference is that one directly affects the outcome. When people use betting systems they take stats and information openly available to make a prediction, while point shaving or buying off a player to throw the game is something highly illegal.

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Betting Systems and General Law

In general, sportsbooks could try and view betting systems as something bad for their business, but this is where you would be wrong. They are in the business of making money, and betting systems are one way to motivate anyone to bet.

There are no actual laws that have anything to do with betting systems, but rather the other illegal procedures that are associated with trying to “fix” a match, which has severe penalties. Remember, the most common illegal method used is point shaving; where one or two parties, along with a player on one of the teams, act together so that the bet doesn’t cover the spread. This is why betting systems sometimes get confused with other illegal activities.

Betting Systems Are Actually Welcomed

This is for anyone using betting systems to place sports wagers. At most sportsbooks these types of betting systems are actually welcomed; even better, most websites actually have a section dedicated to them, explaining what they are. If any of the online sportsbooks did not want anyone to use these systems they would not place their explanations on their site; it almost feels like an invitation to use them.

The main reason sportsbooks allow betting systems is due to the unpredictability that comes along with sports and the way that the odds and lines are made on the sportsbooks. This would actually get more to bet on the events. So, feel free to use them at your own risk!