Wager Types – Total Points

Total points bet is the third wager on the sportsbook line meaning it is another simple to understand bet, which also allows bettors to use their sports insight and strategies. The bet is very easy to understand, unlike the point spread, all you need to do is predict how many points will be scored during the match. The total points bet is also known as the Over/Under, meaning you place a bet on whether the total score will be over or under.

You will see a certain number, which will be predicted amount of points that could be scored, which you would bet on. Simply decide whether the sports match will end with a total score, both teams score added together, over or under the points set at the sportsbook. This will require that the bettor use all of their knowledge to beat the sportsbook odds and predict the outcome accurately.

Using the Total Points

The total points can be used as a great way to piggy back off the same research and predictions being used by the other bets. This is due to how the bet uses the same type of information that the point spread would use to predict score. You would need to predict the number of points that each team or player will score, and then figure out whether it will be above or below the set figure.

The great part of this bet is that you would not need to pick between betting on the underdog or the favorite option. All you need to analyze and predict is the final score of the sports match, which can be done by using the basic strategy; or even systems. This is not as complicated as many of the other bets, but is still a great way to make some more money.

An Example of a Total Points Bet

As said before, the total points bet will let you pick whether the added final score will be above or below a certain amount. Take into account that you will only need to pick one option, rather than picking a team or player:

  • Total Points (Over/Under): 50 Points -110

Regardless of the sport or which teams are playing, you would be betting on whether by the end of the sports match the total score will be above or below 54 points. The payout odds are most often the same, so that limits your decision to whether it will be over or under that number.

Obviously betting online will give you the advantage of being able to get all the information up to date by the online sportsbooks and will be able to make the best possible bet. There are many different ways to find the prediction, so it will take all of your sportsbooks strategy knowledge.