Canadian Senate Delays Single-Sports Betting


May 2015

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The Canadian Senate doesn’t seem to think that fans and sportsbooks should be able to place bets on single sports events. They just recently turned down the proposal to allow bettors to make their wagers on any single game, rather than having to place parlays or multi-game options. This was set in place by the old fashioned section of the Criminal Code, which lawmakers are trying to repeal. The Canadian Gaming Association says Canadians spend $450 million a year on multiple or parlay bets, but more than $10 billion on single sporting events. This would be more than enough proof for any Senate that betting on single events could give the entire country a boost in revenue and taxes. However, many do not believe that the proposed bill C-290 will get enough support to pass. For those Canadians, or any sports fan, that wants to have the option of just betting on a single match should be voicing their support. Parlays and multi-game wagers tend to have higher payout odds, but have a higher degree of risk and difficulty that most people do not want to have. This is why this bill is important, not only for sportsbooks, but for everyone that wants to place a bet without having to worry about having to handicap for multiple games.