NFL and MLB Look Towards Sportsbook Futures


Feb 2016

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NFL and MLB Look Towards Sportsbook Futures Las Vegas and Internet Sportsbooks are now looking to the future, as they always do, but more specifically when it comes to the NFL and MLB. The Major League Baseball season ended with the World Series, where the Kansas City Royals took the title in an impressive 4-1 series against the New York Mets. The National Football League season ended very recently, as Super Bowl 50 gave us one of the biggest upsets in years as the Denver Broncos beat the favorites, Carolina Panthers, 24-10. Now that both of their seasons are over, it is time to look to the future and predict what could happen during the 2016 season.

MLB Futures: Chicago Cubs

The MLB season is set to start on April 3, 2016, so it will begin long before the NFL season is set to begin. The American League has won two of the past three World Series, however, it seems that the National League is being favored to win in 2016. The interesting part is that the Chicago Cubs, who have not won since 1908, are the big favorites after an amazing performance last season; going with a 97-65 record and getting to the playoffs. For this upcoming season, they are being given:
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+400 +650 +475
These are amazing odds, but they are followed closely by the Mets, Dodgers, Nationals, and Giants.

NFL Futures: New England Patriots

Just a few weeks ago did the season end, so it will take until September for it to start up again. In the meantime, you can check out which teams are being favored to win this upcoming season, as well as all of the great stuff from the offseason, like the Draft. The New England Patriots are actually getting all of the attention, as they did very well last season, and if all of the players are healthy, they look to have some great odds to win the Super Bowl:
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+750 +800 +800
The Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers are right on their heels though, each with +900 odds. Hopefully, this next year the sportsbooks can do better as they lost a lot of money to the teasers and prop bets, but there was still a total of $132.5 million in bets.