Bovada And Other Sportsbooks Release NFL Player Props


Sep 2015

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Sportsbooks release NFL player prop bets

With the preseason warm-up almost over with, the 2015 NFL regular season is about to start, and with it come plenty of bets from different online sportsbooks. We all know the regular wagers placed on each game during the week, as well as the futures that let us place some action on which team will make it to the Super Bowl, or which player could win the MVP title. However, there are plenty of other great types of bets that are often overlooked, the prop bets.

This is where being an avid football fan is to your advantage. Prop bets are simple and straight forward, but are mainly unconventional. Bovada, one of the more popular sports betting sites, as well as others have released this year’s NFL player prop bets. Some great examples include:

Carson Palmer – Total Passing Yards in 2015 Regular Season Over 3,900 (-115) Under 3,900 (-115)
Greg Olsen – Total Receiving Yards in 2015 Regular Season Over 900 (-115) Under 900 (-115)
Jared Allen – Total Sacks in the 2015 Regular Season Over 8.5 (-115) Under 8.5 (-115)
Johnny Manziel – Total Starts in the 2015 Regular Season Over 5.5 (-115) Under 5.5 (-115)
Eddie Lacy – Total Rushing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season Over 1,200 (-115) Under 1,200 (-115)

You could consider these as futures, but much more specific to each player and team performance. This means that your skills at predicting how well a player will perform, whether they are a quarterback or running back will highly influence how you bet. The good news is that these prop bets will be available throughout the season, so you can place your wager when you have more information.

Be on the lookout, as the sportsbooks will update the odds after every week of games, so it would benefit you more to make your bets early on. The other good news is that when a game is being played, you can also place prop bets on actual performances, like how many yards or touchdowns with a QB throw for that particular game. The 2015 NFL regular season is finally going to start.