Sportsbooks Add Tom Brady To Prop Bets


Sep 2015

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Tom Brady suspension nullified As the recent news that Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension has been eliminated thanks to the Judge’s decision, he will get to start once the regular season does. This has let sportsbooks put his name on their many different player prop bets, as he is now a huge contender in several fields like, Total Passing Yards and Total TD Passes. So, for you fans that like to bet on the Super Bowl champ or hate the Patriots with all of your might, you can try and get some money off of your predictions of Brady this season. Thanks to, here are some of the latest prop bets that you can bet on regarding Tom Brady:
  • Total Passing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season: Over/Under 4300
  • Total TD Passes in the 2015 Regular Season: Over/Under 30
  • Total Interceptions in the 2015 Regular Season: Over/Under 10
  • NFL Passing Yards Leader: 12-1
  • MVP: 10-1
So, take a look at Brady’s specific prop bets, as well as many of the other NFL players that have good chances of making a big impact during the 2015 season at any of your favorite sportsbooks, and make sure to place your bets quickly, as they will end once Week 1 games start.