NFL Football Futures; Sportsbooks Release 2014 Odds


Aug 2014

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NFL Futures
Many popular Online Sportsbooks have decided to release football futures to bettors, reducing the time bettors have to wait on sportsbooks. The move is popular among bettors, and could spread across the internet, as sportsbooks attempt to bring in more members that would otherwise go elsewhere attributed to increased competition from other sportsbooks as well as increased focus by bettors on on-time and early odds rather than sportsbook operations. Online Sportsbooks just now understand what bettors want, which is allowing the largest gambling market to prosper heavily. At the height of the sports season, revenues increase heavily and betting in different sports peaked at a high percentage. Bettors participating in online sportsbooks are putting themselves at a larger advantage than those betting at regular bookmakers. Bettors are essentially getting back more than a few dollars every bet won, as a $100 bet would pay out more than 1/1, but would be using futures.