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New England Patriots Ranking High At Sportsbooks Again


Oct 2015

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With everything that has happened to the New England Patriots in the post and preseason, many sportsbooks didn’t really know how to gauge what their future success would be like in the future. This is why they were –> Read More

NFL Season Starts And Sportsbook Futures Arrive


Aug 2015

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The NFL season has finally started again, and with it, sportsbooks are now releasing all of the futures that they have been holding on to. The first game of the season, the Hall of Fame game, where the –> Read More

NFL Football Futures; Sportsbooks Release 2014 Odds


Aug 2014

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Many popular Online Sportsbooks have decided to release football futures to bettors, reducing the time bettors have to wait on sportsbooks. The move is popular among bettors, and could spread across the internet, as sportsbooks attempt to bring –> Read More

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