New England Patriots Ranking High At Sportsbooks Again


Oct 2015

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Sportsbooks favor Patriots
With everything that has happened to the New England Patriots in the post and preseason, many sportsbooks didn’t really know how to gauge what their future success would be like in the future. This is why they were given lower than usual futures odds of winning the 2015-16 Super Bowl, as well as clinching the AFC title during the preseason when the decision whether or not Tom Brady would get suspended for four games was still undecided. However, once the decision was overturned and Brady was allowed to play, the odds changed quickly in their favor. On top of getting improved futures for the return of their star quarterback, it would seem that going on a 3-0 winning streak only helped to further improve their chances. With the Patriots going on a Bye this week, it will certainly help Bill Belichick in his efforts to continue improving his team. Just to let you know how well they have improved their odds, here are the current futures:


To Win AFC +175
To Win 2016 Super Bowl +400


To Win AFC +155
To Win 2016 Super Bowl +350
During the Deflategate controversy, the Patriots saw their odds to win the Super Bowl sky rocket from +600 to +1200. This is simply how impressive it is that they have managed to now become one of the top favorites currently. So, if you were a sports fan and bet on the Patriots while their odds were at +1200 and they end up winning the Super Bowl again this year, the payout will be amazing. These are not the only futures that people have their eye on though, as the Top Ranked team in the NFL could be looking to go 16-0 again this season, just like they did back in 2007. The overall team is healthy, they are getting a Bye this week, which will give them needed rest and be able to work on strategy for future games, like their Week 12 game against the Denver Broncos, who are also 3-0 and have only given up 16.3 points per game. Keep an eye out on the sportsbooks, as the odds can always shift.