Six MLB Teams That Sportsbooks Hope Won’t Win The World Series


Sep 2015

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Sportsbooks fear which MLB team could win World Series
With the baseball season getting closer and closer to the World Series, sportsbooks are not as thrilled as they should be during one of the year’s biggest sporting events to bet on. Instead, they are actually afraid of which MLB team will take the victory, as it could mean they would have to pay out a lot of money. There are six teams that started the season with low odds of winning the World Series as part of the MLB futures, and have since then, become big contenders that could actually go and win. For those fans that got in early and placed their bets when the odds were still heavily set against their teams, could in fact bring in a nice profit this year. The six teams, along with the starting and current odds are:
Chicago Cubs 40/1 13/2
Toronto Blue Jays 30/1 7/4
New York Mets 30/1 5/1
Texas Rangers 25/1 8/1
Houston Astros 100/1 18/1
Kansas City Royals 18/1 3/1
Some of these teams will still have lower odds of winning, but what has the sportsbooks worried is how much liability has been stockpiled under each. For instance, the Cubs usually takes a lot of futures action each season, but this year the team actually has good chances of winning, which would mean the payout would be quite large at those opening odds. A $100 wager placed on the Cubs, who then proceeded to win the Series, would payout a total of $4,000. Fans don’t usually place $100 bets on futures, but even if it were a $10 or $20 bet, they would still have to pay the winners a lot of money and by the looks of it, there are a lot of people betting on these six teams. Anyone could understand why the sportsbooks are worried, as they may have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even get into the millions, if any of those six teams win the World Series.