Sportsbooks Super Bowl Match-Up, D vs. O


Feb 2016

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Super Bowl 50 This weekend we will see one of the most watched sporting events that sportsbooks have the privilege of having action in, the Super Bowl. It will be one for the ages, as we will most likely see the last game that quarterback Peyton Manning will play, as rumors of his retirement are floating around. The last game of the football season will be between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, and it will be an interesting match to say the least. The Panthers had an amazing season, something many did not predict would happen. At the beginning of the season they were in spot #23 of the futures of which team had the best odds of winning the title. On top of that, they had plenty injuries that hurt their odds as well. However, they came back and have only lost one game all season, making them the favorites this weekend. The Broncos were fifth in odds to win it all, and is not a big surprise they made it. One would think that with Manning as quarterback the team would have an impressive offense, but it is quite the opposite. Manning hasn’t lived up to his reputation, but the Broncos defense has done an amazing job supporting the team. On the other side, Cam Newton and his offense has been unstoppable, especially after their 49-15 win against the Arizona Cardinals. This is how you would see it play out:
Bronco’s Defense Panthers Offense
Points Allowed: 18.5 (4th) Points: 31.2 (1st)
Yards Allowed: 283.1 (1st) Yards: 366.9 (11th)
Pass Yards Allowed: 199.6 (1st) Pass Yards: 224.3 (24th)
Rush Yards Allowed: 83.6 (3rd) Rush Yards: 142.6 (2nd)
Looking at just their playoff performances, the Panthers have dominated, while the Broncos have struggled to get their victories. This will certainly be a battle between two giants, and any prediction you make should take into account how well each team does against those stats and odds, as the sportsbooks are using them as well.
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Panthers -6 -5.5 -6
Broncos +6 +5.5 +6