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Sportsbooks Super Bowl Match-Up, D vs. O


Feb 2016

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This weekend we will see one of the most watched sporting events that sportsbooks have the privilege of having action in, the Super Bowl. It will be one for the ages, as we will most likely see the –> Read More

Championship Weekend is Online Betting Success, Ready for Super Bowl 50


Jan 2016

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The Conference Championship weekend was a huge success for sportsbooks, as they were able to win big as the Denver Broncos took down favorites to win, New England Patriots 20-18. It was an intense game, with the fourth –> Read More

Conference Championship Match-ups and Sports Betting Odds


Jan 2016

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One game closer to the Super Bowl, four teams left in the running will be decided at the Conference Championships, and sportsbooks have all of the action. This is the time of the year when betting skyrockets, making –> Read More

Sportsbooks Get Ready For Second Round Playoff Games


Jan 2016

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With the Wild Card games played, it is time to get into the next round of the playoffs and sportsbooks are getting ready for the upcoming matches. The weekend went as most would have thought, with some very –> Read More

Busy New Year For Sportsbooks


Dec 2015

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It will be an incredibly busy New Year’s Day for many sportsbooks, including those located in Costa Rica, and other that cater to the US market. The main reason it is going to be such a busy day –> Read More

Despite Mark Teixeira Injury, Sportsbooks Favor Yankees Over Red Sox


Sep 2015

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The New York Yankees have not had good luck when it comes to injured players, but despite this sportsbooks still make them the favorite. With the most recent injury of their first baseman, Mark Teixeira, this has not –> Read More

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