Sportsbooks Get Ready For Second Round Playoff Games


Jan 2016

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Sehawks at Panthers playoffs sportsbooks With the Wild Card games played, it is time to get into the next round of the playoffs and sportsbooks are getting ready for the upcoming matches. The weekend went as most would have thought, with some very close upsets, as well as a big blowout. The two favorites, Steelers and Seahawks, almost lost their games if not for their last minute motivation, and mistakes by their opponents. This week, the top four teams will play against those Wild Card teams that won, and based on the weekend results, the odds have been adjusted. The Kansas City Chiefs, beating the Texans 30-0 in a huge blowout, will be facing the favorites, New England Patriots. It is not an easy game to play, but with such a big win the week before, the players must be feeling like they can take anyone on and win. Despite being the favorites throughout most of the season, the Patriots are no longer the absolute favorites to win the Super Bowl. Chiefs @ Patriots (-5) The Seattle Seahawks, with their amazing comeback win against the Vikings, look a lot like their old selves, and will certainly need to play like it if they hope to take down the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. Having only lost one game, the Panthers are primed and ready, as the top two rushing teams will face each other. This will be a battle on the 10-yard line seeing which runner will be able to power their way through. Seahawks @ Panthers (-3) The Green Bay Packers had a good game against the Redskins, but it may not be enough to beat the new favorites to win the Super Bowl, the Arizona Cardinals (+475). With the Cardinals having an overall balanced team, 1st in offense, 5th in defense, 2nd in rushing, and 8th in passing in the League, it looks like a tall order to beat, but the playoffs are great for comebacks, upsets, and underdogs playing well; even if it’s for one day. Packers @ Cardinals (-7.5) The Pittsburgh Steelers were dominating their game against the Bengals, until the 4th quarter when the Bengals were up by one point, and only managed to win due to big mistakes. It doesn’t look good for the Steelers as they get ready to face the Denver Broncos. This is truly a game where we will see offense versus defense. Let’s hope Ben Roethlisberger is at 100% if they want to make it a game. Steelers @ Broncos (-6.5) With such huge games on the line, sportsbooks will take no chances and have clearly picked their favorites and adjusted the odds for this weekend.