Five Teams Sportsbooks Don’t Want Winning Superbowl 50


Jan 2016

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As the season now moves into the Playoffs, many sportsbooks are nervous about which teams will actually make it to Superbowl 50, as well as which will actually end up winning. There are five teams that pose a threat to their profits, as this season has seen many ups and downs that they were not expecting. Due to this, previous futures odds may leave them paying a lot of money by the end of the football season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

From the very beginning of the season, the Steelers have been a huge fan favorite, despite their shaky performance during the regular season. Books have given them futures odds ranging from 20/1 up to 45/1, and with the amount of people still betting on this hyped up team, they may have to pay out a lot of money if they win.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals not only pose a threat if they win the Superbowl, but also if they win the NFC. They opened the season at 30/1, with others opening them at 25/1 and 20/1. There has been so much betting on the team that they are now sitting at a 3/1, co-favorites with the Patriots and Panthers.

Kansas City Chiefs

MGM Resort would take a hit, not as much as with other teams, but would still not come out on top. They opened at 30/1 and after going on a 1-5 SU, it skyrocketed to 200/1. They were able to win their next 10 games, get into the playoffs with 12/1 odds. Jeff Soneback, Manager at the MGM Mirage say,
“As far as who we’d like to see get knocked out right away, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Kansas City. But it’s the Chiefs we’d like to see get knocked off first. We’re not a big loser to Kansas City but we’re not much of a winner either.”

Seattle Seahawks

They opened the season as the favorites, with 9/2 odds, but with their slow start and losing record they managed to get up to 16/1. However, this did not deter most bettors, as there were still huge bets being placed on the Seahawks to win it all. After they secured their place in the Playoffs, they are at 5/1.

New England Patriots

Most sportsbooks won’t really care if the Patriots win, as their odds have been low all season. There are a few books though, that made the mistake of betting against the team while the “Deflategate” scandal was happening, as QB Tom Brady may have been suspended and would have hurt their chances. Those are the books that should be worried.