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Five Teams Sportsbooks Don’t Want Winning Superbowl 50


Jan 2016

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As the season now moves into the Playoffs, many sportsbooks are nervous about which teams will actually make it to Superbowl 50, as well as which will actually end up winning. There are five teams that pose a –> Read More

College Football Bringing In Big Bets At Sportsbooks


Sep 2015

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Ever since the start of the College Football season, sportsbooks have been getting an enormous amount of bets, with some even being of ludicrous amounts. Football is such a huge sport in the United States that it comes –> Read More

Amaya Inc Joins DFS Market With Fantasy Sportsbook


Aug 2015

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As Amaya Inc. continues to grow, they have seen the amazing potential with fantasy sports, so they did exactly what you think, they added that to their long list of ventures. They are entering into the fantasy sportsbook –> Read More

Sportsbooks Interest In UFC Rising


Aug 2015

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has gained so much popularity over the years that sportsbooks now have them as a stand-alone when it comes to betting. So, for you fans, you don’t have to worry about trying to –> Read More

First Bitcoin Sportsbook Launched By


Aug 2015

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The future is arriving much sooner than many thought, as the new and popular eMoney Bitcoin can now be used to bet on sports at the sportsbook. The online casino is the first legally licensed and regulated –> Read More

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Talks Legalized Sports Betting


Feb 2015

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Great news may be coming for sportsbooks and fans alike, as the MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is talking with the team owners on a controversial subject for some, sports betting. Manfred’s stance on this subject is quite open, –> Read More

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