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High Volume, Low Profits for Online Sportsbooks after Super Bowl 50


Feb 2016

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With all of the hype that surrounds the Super Bowl each year, it is no surprise that the amount of people placing bets at online sportsbooks was high, but the outcome of the title match is what left –> Read More

Championship Weekend is Online Betting Success, Ready for Super Bowl 50


Jan 2016

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The Conference Championship weekend was a huge success for sportsbooks, as they were able to win big as the Denver Broncos took down favorites to win, New England Patriots 20-18. It was an intense game, with the fourth –> Read More

Ronda Rousey And Vegas Sportsbooks Hit Hard


Nov 2015

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One of the biggest female UFC fights that has been marketed, and the Las Vegas sportsbooks were on top of that popular bout, but it did not go as they predicted. The fight between UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and –> Read More

NFL Upsets Make Good Day For Sportsbooks


Nov 2015

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The Las Vegas sportsbooks finally had a great weekend, meaning that the majority of sports bettors did not get their picks right, as there were some heavy upsets this weekend. It has been the most lucrative Sunday of –> Read More

Sportsbooks Ready For 2016 World Series


Nov 2015

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The 2015 Baseball World Series just ended a couple of days ago, and it was a huge turnout, especially for sportsbooks as two big rivals met on the final field, where the Kansas City Royals beat the New –> Read More

Last Minute Colts Touchdown Save Sportsbooks


Oct 2015

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During the Sunday Night football game between the New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts, the Las Vegas sportsbooks were on their toes as they watched what could have been a disaster for them. However, in the end, the –> Read More

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