Last Minute Colts Touchdown Save Sportsbooks


Oct 2015

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Colts help sportsbooks avoid losses
During the Sunday Night football game between the New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts, the Las Vegas sportsbooks were on their toes as they watched what could have been a disaster for them. However, in the end, the Colts managed to save them from a big night of losses, and even gave a few of their fans some extra cash. It is never boring during the NFL season, as the football games give us plenty of entertainment. Books had the point spread for the game at (-8.5) against the Colts, and things were looking good by half-time, as they were leading 21-20. It was short lived as the Patriots came out and dominated the second half, bringing the score up to 34-21; shutting down the offense. With a point spread of 13 points, sportsbooks were starting to get worried that game would end with that score. The majority of fans decided to place bets on the Patriots, making everyone sweat at the prospect of the Colts losing by such a wide margin. Then it happened. The same player that made a dreadful mistake during a trick play, number 17 Griff Whalen, was also the one that narrowed that gap by catching the ball for a touchdown with only 1:19 left in the fourth quarter. Colts horrible trick play Things would have been a little easier, but the Patriots defense was right on point during the entire game, as they managed to block the last extra-point attempt made after Whalen made the touchdown. By the end of the game, the score was 34-27, letting every single sportsbook have a sense of relief as the 8.5 point spread was actually beat by the Colts, literally during the last minute of gameplay.