NFL Upsets Make Good Day For Sportsbooks


Nov 2015

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NFL Week 9 sportsbook upsets
The Las Vegas sportsbooks finally had a great weekend, meaning that the majority of sports bettors did not get their picks right, as there were some heavy upsets this weekend. It has been the most lucrative Sunday of this 2015 NFL season. With most of the enthusiasts placing their wagers on the big favorites, including the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, and Atlanta Falcons, it left the underdogs with a lot of wiggle room. Westgate SuperBook, along with other big casinos including MGM, Wynn, Caesars, Station Casinos and Stratosphere all reported to have winning days. The reason was thanks to the fact that the underdogs went 6-5 against the spread, with four of the teams winning the game outright. The four games where the underdog team outright won included:
  • Panthers beating the Packers 37-29.
  • Titans overtime victory over the Saints 34-28.
  • Colts win over the Broncos 27-24.
  • 49ers close victory over the Falcons 17-16.
The big three, Broncos, Packers, and Falcons had attracted 80 percent of the money that was bet on their matchups, which represented the three most unbalanced games of the day. Seeing as how these three favorites failed to cover the spread, but also lost the game outright, it helped eliminate a lot of teaser and parlay action. Executive director at Wynn spoke up about how the NFL season has been treating them so far,
“We haven’t had a really good NFL year so far. It’s been difficult.”
For a lot of sportsbooks, this was a great weekend as they were finally able to get a few wins out of the highest bet on sport in the US. They were able to play the lines and odds correctly, and with such heavy favorites playing on Sunday, there was bound to be some upsets, but with a 6-5 record of underdogs beating the spread certainly helped.