Sportsbooks Ready For 2016 World Series


Nov 2015

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2016 World Series sportsbook odds
The 2015 Baseball World Series just ended a couple of days ago, and it was a huge turnout, especially for sportsbooks as two big rivals met on the final field, where the Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets on the eighth game of the series. They won 7-2, giving them the ultimate victory, being World Series champions, something the franchise hadn’t experienced since their only other victory in 1985. The Royals were the underdogs throughout this year, which is what led to many surprised fans and sports gamblers. Sportsbooks are taking a page out of the success this MLB season has brought them, especially with how the Chicago Cubs finally broke their curse and were able to go to the playoffs, although many believed they would make it to the World Series; as many Cubs fans say, “Next year!”. According to the books, they are actually giving the Cubs and the Royals pretty good future odds of getting to the 2016 World Series next season.

2016 World Series Odds

Team Las Vegas Odds Odds
Chicago Cubs 11/1 9/1
Kansas City Royals 12/1 10/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 12/1 9/1
New York Mets 12/1 10/1
St. Louis Cardinals 12/1 12/1
Toronto Blue Jays 12/1 10/1
Washington Nationals 12/1 12/1
Houston Astros 14/1 14/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 14/1 12/1
Texas Rangers 14/1 14/1
New York Yankees 18/1 16/1
Boston Red Sox 20/1 16/1
Cleveland Indians 20/1 20/1
Detroit Tigers 20/1 18/1
Los Angeles Angels 20/1 18/1
San Francisco Giants 20/1 20/1
Seattle Mariners 25/1 25/1
Tampa Bay Rays 33/1 25/1
Baltimore Orioles 40/1 30/1
Minnesota Twins 40/1 30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 50/1 40/1
Chicago White Sox 50/1 40/1
Cincinnati Reds 50/1 40/1
Miami Marlins 50/1 50/1
Milwaukee Brewers 50/1 40/1
Oakland Athletics 50/1 40/1
San Diego Padres 50/1 50/1
Atlanta Braves 100/1 60/1
Colorado Rockies 100/1 80/1
Philadelphia Phillies 200/1 150/1
We can already see the battle brewing between some of the teams that managed to make it to the playoffs this year, which will have almost the same lineup of players in the upcoming season, so we can all expect an equal level of performance from each team. Sportsbooks, online and in Las Vegas, are jumping at the chance to start getting wagers even before the MLB preseason begins. Some may get lucky enough and get a huge payout by the end of next season.