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Packers at Broncos

Undefeated Sportsbooks Favorite NFL Teams Match Up


Oct 2015

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The upcoming NFL Week 8 football games are going to be tough, but there is one match-up that has sportsbooks scratching their head son who to make the favorite. This match-up between the Green Bay Packers (6-0) at –> Read More

Last Minute Colts Touchdown Save Sportsbooks


Oct 2015

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During the Sunday Night football game between the New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts, the Las Vegas sportsbooks were on their toes as they watched what could have been a disaster for them. However, in the end, the –> Read More

49ers Gave Las Vegas Sportsbooks A Breather


Oct 2015

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During the bulk of the NFL Sunday football games, Las Vegas sportsbooks were doing well this week considering their previous setbacks. As Caesars, having won seven of its eight decisions so far, along with the Westgate SuperBook, CG –> Read More

NFL Week 5 Sportsbook Prop Bets


Oct 2015

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With the NFL Week 5 football games about to begin, it is time to look at the latest betting odds, as each week brings new records, which mean that the teams could either be increasing or decreasing their –> Read More

NFL Game Upsets Mean Big Wins For Sportsbooks


Oct 2015

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Sportsbooks are finally starting to improve after they had been down during the last three weeks of football, as there were a lot of upsets, as well as team’s beating the spread during the NFL Week 4 games. –> Read More

New England Patriots Ranking High At Sportsbooks Again


Oct 2015

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With everything that has happened to the New England Patriots in the post and preseason, many sportsbooks didn’t really know how to gauge what their future success would be like in the future. This is why they were –> Read More

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